Monday, August 4, 2014

Well, I'm officially, today, 77.  How about that!!  Wonderful day, too - not only lovely weather, but a beautiful card from Sydney, a fabulous water color of Syarda from Kurt, and a real birthday cake from Dawn.  Can't get any better!

We're in Valleyfield, still upstream from Montreal.  Nice ride today, through two locks, each a drop of about 40 feet or so.  Quiet drops, no turbulence at all.

Very little wait for the first lock this morning, too.  Lucky.

So, we're through three of the seven between the head of the St  Lawrence and Montreal.

Huge marina, we're in slip number 1100, at one end of the marina.  Lots of sailboats here - the River here is called Lake St Francis, a man-made wide part of the river made up by the dam downstream at the next lock.

Made a trek to the grocery, and Kurt about got arrested for soliciting rides from the women checking out.  We're all wearing, now, Turk's Head bracelets (which I've made), and I think they thought we were insurgents planning bad things.  We didn't get a ride, and walked the case of water back to the boat.

Last nights supper was BASIC, fried pickles and poutine (french fries, brown gravy and cheese), and we're hoping for better this evening.


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