Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Here's what it looked like at about 0540 this morning when we left Tadoussac docks.  Best part of the day, though.  We ran back up the St Lawrence River to Quebec City, and pushed against an outgoing tide about the whole way.  We did see lots of whales this morning, some even about 20 miles upstream from Tadoussac, where there were still 500 feet of water in the river.  Cold too.

Took only seven hours though, and we put in some fuel and went back to the same dock we stayed at three days ago.  Not at all nice, though - just lots of rain.

We passed a freighter early this morning, and the captain called the "American yacht" in the river.  We had a good talk on Channel 6 about how to best run the river against the outgoing tide, and the coming rain.  Nice of him to bother with me.  He really was helpful.  Told me to stay about a mile from the northern shore, which cut the force of the tidal flow quite a bit.  And about how to manage the southern route closer to Quebec City, which had less tide flow.

So, we're boat bound for dinner
tonight, and will leave tomorrow morning for Sorel, about 40 miles downstream from Montreal, where we'll spend the night and then go halfway from there to Burlington VT on Friday.  Supposed to get better tomorrow, though later in the day.  We'll see.


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