Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A beautiful day, layover, here in Tadoussac, Quebec, Canada.  Nice little town, full of vacationers - lots of kids, and lots of inflatables taking everyone to see whales.

Which is what Dina and I did this morning, and part of the afternoon.  We saw two blue whales, several minkes, and some belugas.  Very quiet on the river - the photo below with the top of the freighter showing gives a little idea of the ground fog that was in lots of places.  Not everywhere, but around and about.  The photo of the sailboat shows no horizon, a common sight here.

Radar worked just fine, and we had little worry about what we were about to see.

Fine dinner last night at Chez Mahiltde's bistro here.  Very nice food, in quite rustic surroundings.  Busy, too.  Thankfully, Dina had made a reservation while she came up to the village yesterday afternoon, getting us the required Tadoussac fleeces.

So, pictures follow: some of the fiord, and the best two are the photo Dina took of the blue whale, one is as is, and the other, cropped.  You see its tail.  The sailboat shows no horizon and the quiet river, too.

The hotel is behind the trees, and the beach comes and goes with the 16 foot tides.

Dinner again tonight at Chez Mahtilde's, and we will be off with the sun tomorrow morning, to fight the tide and the current back to Quebec City.

Bob S

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