Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Back on board, with Sydney and the dogs.  We came today from Mallet Bay on Lake Champlain, just north of Burlington VT, to the first lock in the Champlain Canal which will take us to the Hudson River at Waterford NY, just above Albany.  Lovely trip down the lake, with little breeze to fight.  The lake just gets narrower on the way south, and winds up as a river at the Lock 12, here in Whitehall NY.  We go up two more locks, then down to the Hudson River in the Canal.

Sorry not to have any photos.  Took all I had to stay in the channel - well marked, but needed attention to stay out of harm's way.  Nice ride.  Through Lock 12, and we have 10 more to go tomorrow.  There's no Lock 10, but they never changed the numbers from the original plans.

Some excitement with the rental car coming back to Burlington.  The left front wheel fell off while I was taking it back to the rental office.  Fell off!!!  Quite exciting, with a very long skid mark to show its demise.  Nobody hurt, thankfully.  Sure would have been a mess falling off on the Interstate, where we were for the two days with the car, from Burlington to Beach Haven and back.

Three more days to the end.  We will be in Beach Haven on Saturday.  So, there will be no more blogging.  Sure has been a fine trip for me.  Tony, Kurt, Dawn, Dina, and now Sydney.  Could not have been better.

1700 miles in all when I'm finished - about three weeks on the water.  48 locks in all.  And, so far, about 1500 gallons of diesel.  More to be put in to get us home.


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