Friday, August 15, 2014

No internet last night at Sorel, a St Lawrence River town, fourth oldest in Canada, where they load freighters with potash, I think.  Three of them in the little harbor.  Trip  yesterday back upstream to Sorel from Quebec City was a push almost all the way against the tide current.  Lots of wind, too, in some places sort of uncomfortable, where there was a long fetch to the wind.  Started out in the fog and rain, and things got better as the day progressed.  Dinner in Sorel was to be forgotten.

Up early to try to get to the States today - and we were successful.  Cloudy and rainy most of the day though.  Cool, too.  I think summer's over up here.  The Richeleau River from Sorel to Lake Champlain is a nice trip, with about 12 miles of it in the Chambly Canal.  The rest of the way is in the river.  Nine locks and lots of bridges that need to be raised.  Hand operated locks, built in the 1840s.  Narrow canal, sort of like what exists in Europe, I'm told.  The Canadian Park Service works the canal, and has a bunch of delightful lock tenders doing their thing for us.  Only one of the nine locks had a motor closing the lock doors.  We came up about 90 feet in all, to Lake Champlain level, where we now are.

Customs was a delight, with very helpful Customs Officers, one of whom thought that Dina was an actress.  They helped get us into a marina next door to their offices, which was closed.  Arrived after six.  But nice to be in the States again.  Short ride tomorrow to Burlington, and then we will take the rental car to Beach Haven.  Dina's missing Baily, and will be glad to get back with a day to spend with him (Sunday).

So, a fine adventure, with a total, so far, of 46 locks.  Twelve more from Lake Champlain to the Hudson River with Sydney once we return to Burlington next week.

Yesterday and todays pictures will follow later.


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