Monday, August 11, 2014

The summer things hanging from the wall is art hung in Old Quebec for the French Festival, which was going on while we were there.  Lots of summer stuff, mixed up, and hung from walls everywhere in the Old City.

The full moon is hanging over Syarda in the Quebec du Port Marina, where she stayed for four nights.  The building under the moon is a very old university, Laval, in Quebec, a French speaking, Catholic school.  There are 40,000 university students in Quebec.

The final photo is of a garden in a huge public park in QC.  The flower garden was donated by a US couple to honor first world war veterans, I think.  It is quite large and most beautiful.

There a more photos in the email to me here in Tadoussac, and I'll post them once they show up.

We left Quebec City this morning at 0700 and only had to get the road bridge up to leave the harbor, the lock gates were opened, and the tide was about at flood.  18 feet of tide in the River there.  We enjoyed an ebbing tide about all the way down the River to Tadoussac, where the river is about 8 miles wide, and just downstream a bit, 1000 feet deep.  Because of the depth, the water here is always cold, and though the day was clear as a bell, there was fog about.  Not everywhere, but where it existed, it really was thick.  Couldn't see ⅛ of a  mile.  Saw Beluga (white ones) whales about 10 miles upstream from Tadoussac, and a black Minske whale about alongside Syarda.  Several others at a distance.  Exciting.  

Finally poked into Tacoussac's dock, though about ran into boats on the end of it before it showed.  No fog at the dock.  Nice little (800 people live here) town which caters to vacationers looking at whales, golfing, hiking, and on sailing adventures.  Great floating docks.  Fine dockhand, who loved Syarda.  He said, "Look at those (big white powerboats, overstuffed with accommodation), I wouldn't go anywhere in them, but would take your boat anywhere!"

I don't think I'd take here anywhere, but we sure had a delightful trip this morning.  We arrived at the docks about 1330 or so, after slowing down to sight whales and cope with fog.  No breeze at all. Made 24 knots downstream for quite a while, while running at rpm's which would get us about 18 or 19 knots with no current. 

More pics coming if I ever get my own emails with them.  Don't know how to get them from the phone camera except to email them, and could not do that in QC.  The wifi was SLOOOOW there.

We will stay here tomorrow and leave very early on Wednesday to go back upriver to Quebec City for another night there.  There's no place to stay between here and QC, so I want to go early to make sure we don't run out of daylight, no matter what!  

Dawn left for Beach Haven to help Sydney with Dina's baby, Baily, and Dina has replaced her as my crew and helmsman.   I am about the luckiest guy in the world to be able to spend time on this boat with our two grown daughters.  

Bob S

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